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I have a type B AD, no surgery and it is a couple of months since it happened.

I try to do a little more each day, as most of you will be aware the information on recovery is practically nil!

But do at times get a dull nagging pain across my back just under the bra line, which is where

my original pain started, is this normal? I take a couple of pain killers and have a lie down and it goes

but after reading that Julie and others had a second AD I wonder if I should be worried?

any advice gratefully received


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I still have that pain in my back almost 11 yrs later. My advice though, is you can't stop thinking about it, get it check out, we are all different. Trust your body. Better safe than sorry, so if something is concerning you, get it checked. None of us are doctors and can only tell you our own experience, but as I said we are all different.



Thanks for the reply, and yes I guess everyone is different and I am getting it checked out, been referred to the chest pain clinic, and got my CAT scan next month.


I also have a type B, no surgery.  5 months since it happened. And I get the same nagging pain as Carol.  Lying down helps relieve the pain, but it is a constant reminder of what happened.  I take loads of pills -amlodipine, 10mg, Ramipril 10mg. bisoprolol 7.5mg, Indapamide 2.5mg - that keeps my BP down to under 110/70 (sometimes 98/50).  Although much less energetic than I used to be, no particular side effects from pills.  No CT scan planned till April. I am 66. I was a Marathon runner  until the AD.

Do you think I should ask for CT sooner because of the nagging pain ?

I agree with Carol the  information on recovery is practically nil.


Hi Alistair
I had my follow up in December and asked about the pain and was told it was normal. My medication is exactly like yours. I will be 66 next month so we are the same age, I too have less energy, but hey we are alive. There is a group on FB aortic dissection buddies I have found it very useful. We got a puppy after Christmas and he has done me the world of good, AD very much at the back of my mind now

Thanks Carol. I am glad you are feeling better. Dogs (and especially horses I am told) can be very therapeutic. Just 'being there' can sometimes be the best response to emotional issues.  



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