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I knew of this but only found it today. I have emailed them for a link and to advise of our existance. Yes - you guessed right..the UK is NOT a member - USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, even Austria - but the UK --NOPE..!


In snowy Kent, England. (The country here is starting to look like the Russian steppes..3 ft snowdrifts this Saturday afternoon!)

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lol... i like the last risk factor on their list... if i'd have known that i'd have lived a little more!
nice find,
Repy from IRAD! - This is GREAT News!
This is Jeanna Cooper, IRAD Study Coordinator. I'm really excited about partnering with you and have sent your earlier request to my superior. I believe he was on vacation but should answer you quite soon.

This is good timing, because we happen to be in the process of forming a patient education "group" because we know there is a great need for such information. I looked at your website and it is really nice. To collaborate with our colleagues overseas would be fantastic!

Hope to make this happen. Sometimes things move slower than I like because of the regulations and all.


Jeanna V. Cooper, MS
IRAD Coordinating Center
I have just had a good read through the IRAD site now..It is AMAZING! And shame shame shame on the UK medical profession for not participating...this article in particular (A Pulitzer Prize WINNING article on AE/AD) took my attention... I have also put a DIRECT IMAGE LINK to the IRAD site now on the LH side of our site.


Totally Great News, Graeme!!!! Congradulations!



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