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Hi everyone.
I'm new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself
I dissected on march23 2003.
Type. B descending
no surgery apart from a renal stent put in place to regain blood flow to kidneys which was successful.
Aorta is now at a dillation of 5.4cm in the thoraci area.
No surgery for that planned.
Scanned yearly.
Last scan was December 2009 results were stable.
I'm not really sure how to navigate this forum but wanted to say hello.
Hope this post gets through and into the right place
regards Dan
Today is a good day :0)

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I 'spoke' to you on Brian's site, quite while ago, and it's good to say 'hello again' .
Am hoping to find someone in the same position as me, so we can exchange 'symtoms' treatment etc and it would be good to have a comparison, especially as most of the medics are uncertain as to how I should be feeling or coping by now. It seems every time I meet a new surgeon or consultant I get a different reaction. My GP is a bit lost by it all and I end up feeling stupid and lonely.
The last time I was in hospital, standing looking at the results of another CT - the medics treated me a bit like I was the walking dead. So blew some ££££ on some new shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much more reliable and fun!!!!!!
Have a good day
Allie x



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