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Hi everyone.
I'm new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself
I dissected on march23 2003.
Type. B descending
no surgery apart from a renal stent put in place to regain blood flow to kidneys which was successful.
Aorta is now at a dillation of 5.4cm in the thoraci area.
No surgery for that planned.
Scanned yearly.
Last scan was December 2009 results were stable.
I'm not really sure how to navigate this forum but wanted to say hello.
Hope this post gets through and into the right place
regards Dan
Today is a good day :0)

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Welcome Dan
I am having a bit of a problem navigating too but glad you have dropped in.
Hi Patrick.
Thanks for the heads up about this site.
Hope your days are good.
I'm kinda getting used to the buttons here but is there an private inbox anywhere?
Regards Dan
Hi Dan

I am getting there, bit by bit. There is an inbox on the right hand side near the top of the page
Thanks Patrick.
I just logged on via pc and everything seems to have openend up and i can see where im at now.
i was using my iphone previously and think i downloaded a watered down version.
it's all clear now so i'm off for a wander round the site :o)
Regads Dan
Hi Dan
I have been using my iPhone as well and of you scroll to the bottom of the page it asks if you want to view the regular version of this page. Take care.
I just found that bit at the bottom of the page cheers mate good info.
hey dan,
welcome to the group! maybe you can give some pointers to jess whose father has just suffered similar to you, by the sounds of it.
i am also a little bit unsure as to how to navigate here, but i use my standard "click everything" technique until i find something, otherwise just answer any posts you think are interesting and you will automatically subscribe to the mailing list for that particular post so you can track it relatively easily.
anyhow, good to see you here!
take care,
Thanks for the wellcome Richard.
I'll look out for the post from Jess regarding her fathers dissection.
I guess if I keep hitting all the buttons I'll find it :0)
hope your well
regards Dan
Here is the link to make it a little easier...
take care!
Thanks Richard.
The link was helpfull :O)
Hope today is a good one for you
regards Dan
Hi Dan,
Were you, or are you on the American site set up by Brian Tinsley?

Hi Alison.
Yes indeed I was and still a member of brians site.
I've met some good friends via his site and hope to do so here too :0).
brians site is American based and made up of mostly American and canadians.
But as dorothy said as she clicked her heels together THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME lol.
Hope today's a good one for you Alison please feel free to get in touch.



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