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I never knew he had high blood pressure I don't think he did too. He's a stubborn and young guy who knew he could have high blood pressure at this age till Monday Dec. 19 this year at 6:30 pm whenhe woke up from a nap stretch his neck and all of a sudden he felt  a sharp pain in the back of his head and all of a sudden down his spine every symptom associated with the disease came following after we rush to the er and that's what they diagnose him with but they weren't sure because his kidneys was failing too but they had no choice and took him in for a MRI fir sure it was something really serious they took him in for an emergency surgery with 30 percent survival rate for him 11 hours later he finally came out of surgery now it's just a waiting period. It's been 2 weeks and 2 days since he's been here they said he's still critical but not crucial so does that mean he is doing better? I just don't understand what they mean will he survive or not ? 

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Hi Judy, one problem my husband did not have is wanting to eat (although when he finally could, he wasn't too pleased with what what was offered).  I wonder if the loss of appetite is due in part to depression?  This ties into earlier posts about counseling for both you and your husband.  Also, having someone watch you 24 hrs a day must be unnerving - and depressing, it might lead you to think you're ready to go at any moment.  Thinking about my husband's last days in the hospital, the motivation to leave may be the bait your husband needs - if he eats, gets stronger, etc. the sooner he will be able to leave.

It may be worth getting him to consider some form of counselling when he is out of hospital. I went through so many mood swings from being very cool about the whole thing to anger; my mind was generally all over the place.

Lucky for me I had access to this service through work & the counsellor helped me gather my thoughts & focus on what was needed & the challenges ahead.

Give him time initially & then maybe suggest it if he is still the same, you can probably get referred through your GP.



Hi Judy!

Hang it there, things will get better. One of the things I learned about me and most survivors is that we go through a period of traumatic stress disorder. Continue to ask questions here, ask his cardiologist questions(no question is stupid or unimportant) also I would advise some sort of counseling for him and maybe for you's hard on the ones we love.



Adding to Kimbelees's wisdom i agree at some time seek counselling yourself. My wife had to go through so many changes with me, our (HER) whole life was effected. As a survivor i didn't really see it, being wrapped up in my own world.

Talking on this forum is great, but not a substitute to someone who can be a sounding board & a sympathetic listner. Most of the answers are there  & you will find them as time goes by.


So here we are 4 hours away from home in rehab. It hasn't been the best, hopefully he will regain his energy pretty soon I know he has it in him he just don't feel motivated to do anything. Seeing him not do his best and knowing he has it in him just makes me mad, knowing that I wax willing to come here with him and leave my kids back I home I have no one I know that lives here, no place to shower, and starving myself so I can have enough money to eat each day. He needs to understand that we can't stay like this any longer.he tells me he misses his kids dearly but no motivation. I have no more idea I think they should just push him to the limit instead of giving in to him all the time, he's not going to learn anything if they do but am I wrong to tell them that

I read you mail with sadness, I hear what you are saying, it’s a pity he can’t see it & the pain you’re going through.

Its very early days for you both, but if its getting you down, maybe a frank conversation will jolt him out of his revere. Your right he needs to see how things are & get motivated.

I would have a frank & honest conversation with him & explain some home truths. He needs to start to focus on the challenges ahead and remember he is part of a larger family.

From experience I know it’s to easy to wallow in self pity, but my wife hasn’t let me. She has pushed & cajoled me back into a near normal life & I would take a leaf out of her book.

Maybe when he is ready introduce him to this web site soon. If he is looking for support, empathy or whatever we can at least, as fellow AD sufferers, help him back on his feet.

Wishing you both well




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