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Just a quick question for all of you --- since my surgeries, there are times that I will have a reaction to "something" and I'm trying to figure out what the trigger is.  I know for an example that I can't have any meds with Erythromycin or Sulfa drugs - since my first surgery in 04.  My face feels like it is sunburned even though it isn't, my eyes get agitated like as if they are puffy but it isn't extremely noticeable and I itch  --- the reason I know it is tied to those meds is because as soon as I quit taking them, the symptoms/reactions go away.

Now since my surgery this past July - I am having the same reaction to something in food - be it corn, soybean, or salt (like the binder they use like on popcorn to make it adhere to the popcorn).  But this last time was more intense and it is taking longer for the symptoms to go away - especially the itching.

I'm on all the same meds I was on since 2004, except now with the added Warfarin/Coumadin.

So, just wondering if anyone else has experienced reactions to "stuff" since your surgeries?



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Well, after my surgery I could not stand the taste of alcohol. Wine tasted like rusty acid and beer tasted like cleaning fluid. It took about a year and a lot of perseverance before I re-acquired the taste. :)

Hi all,

surgery is now nearly four months ago,and we are still trying to find a combination of meds that control my blood pressure and keep me functioning to some acceptable level,shortness of breath and head spins seem to be my shortcomings and I have noticed that i smell cigarette smoke even though I havent smoked in years or there are no visible smokers in my vicinity.

Regards Bob:)  

Hello Cher,

Not much effecting me.

Can i suggest you consider some form of allergy testing. I had it pre opp & discovered i had developed an allergy to a drug from my first opp after some initial reactions.They are pretty good nowadays & can test for most things. On the plus side i discovered i don't have an allergy to strawberries, after 20 years of not eating them!

Take care




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