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Given our ongoing discussion on the site with this - this news release today is BIG NEWS. 

Heres an exerpt from the article: "The tragic part of it is, it can be prevented. No one need die prematurely of acute aortic dissection if we know who's at risk," said Dr. Dianna Milewicz, University of Texas-Houston.

"I don't want it to sneak up on anybody else," said Yasbeck.

She is working with Dr. Milewicz and her UT-Houston team to find the genes that lead to Ritter's death. In these freezers are samples from 10,000 people which have helped them isolate four of the genes that are related to aortic aneurysm.

"All the genes we've identified lead to a high risk of aortic dissection," said Dr. Milewicz.
Here's the link for the full story:

I am going to contact Amy Yasbeck (John Ritters widow) tonight as we have kept in touch since last year and ask her for more information so we can move forward with this here in the UK



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This study is the one I think Dan was on about...
The purplish "rash" is interesting as I am suffering terribly with this at the moment...
ho hum!



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