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I am thinking about going away this year. Can anybody tell me are there any restrictions on flying. Do we get higher travel insurance. Has anybody else in the group flown since there AD. Also what are the risks of flying. Thanks so much for your help.

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I flew about a year after my surgery, about a 5 hour flight, my doctor said it was fine, keep in mind I don't have an artificial valve so I don't know if that makes a difference. Everything went fine, except I was exhausted with all the running around with 3 kids, one who was just over a year and one with a broken leg, I had to push two strollers, make the third hold onto a stroller and one carry on. So aside from the tiredness and the ears popping all went well.




Thank you so much Kimberlee. Now all i need too find out about is the travel insurance. Hugs Carol



no problems flying. My work has taken me all over the place for the last 7 years since my AD including a lot of long haul trips - UK - Australia, UK - Maldives, Asia,  Dubai, Egypt, Greece... my docs are fine with my flying... only thing is to MAKE SURE that you get up and walk around/exercise every few hours or so.. as my ankles swell up alarmingly from sitting all the time.. so you MUST walk and exercise as much as you can - especially long haul - when flying. Maybe even buy some special pressure stockings for DVT managment when flying...There is already a thread on travel insurance on this site and i think maybe on the MHV site.


Bottom line it can be difficult to get Travel Insurance but the cost and obtaining depended/depends in my case on getting a medical clearance from my/your doctor that you do NOT have an 'ongoing medical condition'  - ie an AD properly repaired - as is mine is - to my medical team (and myself!) means I DONT have an ongoing medical condition (a MHV is NOT a medical condition!) so I get a years insurance for myself and my wife here in the UK for about £150 for a year - but i have to fill in a LOT of questions and NOT tell any fibs as it would invalidate the policy. Also have to if ANY change in my condition - ie a specialist visit - advise them of such. So far so good.. but the acid test - making a claim - I have never had to do... so maybe a moot point...


Hope this helps..





Originally the quotes I had for insurance were extremely high. In 2010 we managed to get our bank to insure me for one trip  to Italy for an additional £80 on top of the normal insurance we normally have. I was extatic! If it had been to the States or furthere it would have been as much as the cost of the flight. It's really silly.  I am, however fully dissected, arch to iliac and subclavian and neck. 
Thank you for that Alison. Its for 4 weeks in italy in september. My dissection was from the Root and arch.
Thank you for that Alison. Its for 4 weeks in italy in september. My dissection was from the Root and arch. My dissection was at the end of August. So it will be a year when i fly. Hugs. Carol :)



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