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I had surgery for dissecting ascending and descending aorta in Italy in April. Now its November in England.My bad leg gets cold and stays cold-is this the beta blocker atenolol? I'm working away at it but my walking although still very slowly improving is still  far from what I'd wish-anyone with experience of such neurological damage? I can't find anything relevant to me on this site but it seems to require computer skills far ahead of mine-what for example is a twitter feed? And what do I do with this now I've written it? Geoffrey..............

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Good advice Kimberlee.  Hi to y'all.  I am much colder than before my dissection plus MHV.  Even Atlanta, Georgia can be very cold in the Winter months.  An accompanying stroke mainly affected my right side and there is also some nerve damage in my left foot that affects mobility.  The event happened April 30, 2009 and there are still days that endurance is a problem.  I started walking without a cane in December 2009.  While speed does vary, I try for 2 miles most days.  I feel that each small improvement is wonderful.  Don't become discouraged and you will get better over time.  I expect to do this even after my 74 years.

Cheers, Deryck

Hi Geoffrey´ You have all my sympathy.  I am 3 years on from my AD in Malaga Spain.  I take 100mg atenolol amonst other things and am freezing all the time and I live in Spain.  I too have the same trouble with my legs.  I would love to walk more but find they dont work like they used to.     My GP is indifferent to my plight just glad I seem to be stable.   I have a scan due next month.

I will stay on the lookout for any info and share it if I find it.     Julia



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