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Hi folks,

It's two years since I (an ex-pat Brit living in North Carolina, USA) self-diagnosed my abdominal aortic aneurysm ten days after my best Ironman performance at the age of 67. Since the stent surgery it has been quite a journey, and I learned a lot, which is all laid out in my FitOldDog Surgery Recovery Guide, available for free download at My goal is to encourage people to get on with their lives, and to undertake a program of safe exercise for better health.

Exercise makes all the difference.

I have been blogging about safe exercise, for people with and without aortic issues, for about two years, and this information is available on my blog along with lots of musings about the joy and challenges of life in general.

Life is brief, and too good to waste, which is why I continue with my attempts to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman race in Kona. I even get to race with one of my sons, a real athlete ( - what a treat.

Most importantly, don't be a prisoner of your aorta.

-k (FitOldDog)

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Hi Kevin,

This is great! I download this one and will read it ASAP! I got an AD type B in may this year and struggle to get back on track. I have a great victorey last weekend, when I did a 25 hour spinning class to raise money for the breast cancer foundation. My big goal is to be at starting line at Badwater Ultramarathon in the year 2016. In one week I will test a 6 hours race this coming weekend. You are a big inspiration!




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