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Aortic Dissection: GO DIRECTLY TO THE OR.. do NOT pass go.. Do NOT collect £200..!!

Have just posted in the video section a new video just released from a recent medical conference.. some interesting facts and figures.. some good definitions as well.. note the dissection data quoted; 3.5 dissections per hundred thousand people... so rough figures.. in the UK that's lets say 66 million population = 660 dissections per year.. take 50% of this number off again to make this figure ultra conservative = so over 300 dissections per year in the UK.

If you do the math in the USA its 310 million population = 3,100 AD per annum - less 50% (to make ultra conservative) = 1550 per annum. In reality the overall figure is probably about 25% higher than the 50% buffer I have used.

In any case its still a LOT of people that are affected. All the more reason to make testing for Aortic Dissection compulsory in all AE's world wide. It should NOT be a game of monopoly..

The video is 55 minutes or so long - however its WELL worth watching!

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Thanks for the share G

I'm sure I speak for the majority here, those 55 mins really take you back to 'it' and make you thankful for people like   Arie Blitz who were/are there to save our lives.   


Amazing, thanks.


Thanks for the video. It was very enlighening.

The fact that there are so many dissections was the rationale for my seeking multiple consults in order to hopefully avoid this terrible experience. Although it appears that I currently do not require a surgical repair, I continue to remain uncertain as to what the future outcome will be.

This is an incredible video. It has shown me just how close to death I probably was. Your figure of 300 dissections a year in the UK is most likely a conservative estimate. My GP told me that the figure was closer to 500.

Yes Greg,

My figures are sensitised to the maximum and then some. It is more like 500 as you said. I know statisically that thats low in the overall statisical tables but tell that to all the family left behind from undiagnosed ADs on A& E admission.






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