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Anything odd since your surgeries or diagnosis of having AD or just an aneurysm itself?

Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but since my surgery, I think I'm more hyper-sensitive to hmmm just about everything from smells, barometric pressure, full moon, storm fronts, bass thumping in music(even though I love the bass tones), food additives like MSG, humidity, and I physically feel pain faster and harder than I did prior.

Now I don't know if it's the meds I'm on, or the nerves that were severed, or whatever, but it has continuously heightened and more is added all the time.

I even have issues with epinephrine (I know - natural to our bodies adrenaline wise), but I can't have any dental work done if they use novacaine with epinephrine as my body will shake and feel like I'm crashing off of a caffeine high.

Do any of you feel like your heart flips (like under your sternum area) after you smell something like exhaust or smoke, or have chinese food with MSG in it, or wine (I hear because of the preservatives) which of course kicks in the anxiety feelings which can start a whole array of issues?  Or when a front is coming in or a full moon, do you feel antsy, aching, or like you just are crawling out of your skin?

Sometimes I can just feel pressure in my middle spinal chord and then once it starts raining, or snowing, or the pressure changes, it subsides.  And the next day I'm fine.  It's like a cruel psychological Russian Roulette with my aneurysm holding the gun.  Every day is different.  But what I feel and what causes me to feel, continues to grow ---- soooooo, have any of you experienced that? or are experiencing it?

I have not flown in a plane since my surgery as I'm too paranoid as to what would happen when the pressure changes.

Just wondering if it's just me?




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Never been to the other site myself. I found this one and I'm happy.  Cheryl all those thoughts and feeling you have are so very normal. My second dissection is being watched and at times I just wish I could get another surgery over with but I put my faith that the doctors know what's best. It's getting the initial diagnosis that is the issue for so many. Every day is a blessing....for everyone. So think about things this way not many people understand what a blessing each day truly is...we are the lucky ones(in a way) We not only know how blessed we are, we know to appreciate each and everyday. Those of us that are parents probably won't have to look back and say I wish I would have..with our children because we already do. We appreciate each and every moment with them more than others. I know it's hard not to feel like death is around the corner but as hard as it is I try really hard to let those thoughts leave my head as soon as they arrive(which is often) I know life is short and even shorter for some so I don't want to spend my days wondering about tomorrow, when I would much rather live for today. Sounds corny I know and I know it's very difficult, I still have my off days when I sit and wonder if what I'm feeling is normal or if it's my dissection. Just try to distract yourself, I find laughing with the kids does wonders! Also continue to vent...your will feel better!

Hi Cheryl, 

you are the only one. Sometimes I do not say anything because I do not want to be perceive as a "paranoid." But some days it is really a struggle because there is no energy to make it through the day. It is the cold, humidity, heat, foods, etc. Also It is very difficult for me to handle any kind of emotional issues whether they are good or bad. Sometimes I feel every heart beat right in my neck. It feels like my veins are going to explode. Others, it feels like my heart veers. Another common issue I have is seeing floaters. This happens mostly when I am working out.  Thanks for addressing this issues. It helps all of us feel "normal". 


Maria T. 

I relate to what you saying. I have not had surgery for my dissection but still feel hyper sensitive to things. My dissection rarely leaves my mind and I recently applied for disability and was denied but inbtend on getting a lawyer also. i would love to hear from you thanks for the info



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