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Hi All

I found out in late August that I an Type 2 diabetic, just another medical issue to deal with! Just wondered if anyone else has diabetes too and how you are coping post AD?





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I wish I could help.  *hugs* I hope you get some answers.

Sorry, I am not diabetic, but my husband was type one from when he was 11 years old. We were married for 45 years; he died last year from brain cancer having had cerebellar ataxia for a number of years. When he was really ill and only eating a mouthful of banana at a time, and choking on that, I had to test his blood and give him his injections, as I was considered to be more expert than the district nurses and carers that came to our house for him.

I cannot imagine that being a type two diabetic and having an AD is any different from being a type two diabetic. I know that my husband was on blood pressure tablets as they wanted to keep his blood pressure under 130/70. I know what he feels like now. We were vegetarian for over 35 years, and the diet definitely stopped him having hypos.

Did you know that the glycaemic index diet was written for diabetics? Have porridge for breakfast.

I was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago.  My AD was 3 and 1/2 years ago.  We all go to doctors and get blood work so frequently, that at least we're diagnosed early.  I finally took weight loss seriously and lost about 30 pounds and started taking metformin.  Last couple of A1C were great and have had no symptoms of diabetes yet.  I'm 61, was obese, and family history of DM.  I also found that beta-blockers and statins (which all of us have to be on due to our AD) can cause or aggravate diabetes, but taking these have kept me alive, so I'll continue to take them for sure.    DM was a shock and just something else to contend with, but we have no choice except to deal with health issues the best we can.  I'm just glad I'm living long enough to deal with them.

Had blood tests last week, and was today told I might or might not be prediabetic or even diabetic, even though my Hba1c said that I wasn't. Totally confused. I was also told I had to see GP for raised liver function tests, although it's not urgent, so the next appointment I could get was in July. This is to see my GP!

Does anyone know where to get the most up-to-date information on drugs and diabetes, and raised liver function. I think if you are taking three drugs which can all raise your blood sugar and affect your liver function tests, the chances are that if this occurs, it could be to do with your drugs, rather than lifestyle. How to get my GP to agree to this is a different matter.



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