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My first post.  Glad I found you all.

I had an AVR in 1996.  The St Jude mechanical that Dr. Fred Grover (blessings upon him) put in is working just fine.  I am still experiencing the same post brain fog, all these years later.

My wife tells me I am not experiencing this, she does not believe that there could be a relationship between bypass for extended periods of time and memory and cognition issues.  I am certain of the change in my life, there are large blocks of my memory that are gone - long term memory; and there are significant issues with my short term memory.


I was an extremely healthy 34 year old soldier when I got a bad case of strep that turned into endocarditis.  I wonder if the group can help me with this - where can I find scientific literature on the long term impact(s) of:  1.  AVR or any surgery where the aorta is clamped closed (there is discussion of plaque being released when the aorta is clamped); and 2.  bypass use esp long use of bypass causing permanent memory and cognition issues.


Why do I ask?  My interest was piqued when the results from a brain MRI came back showing numerous white spots on my frontal cortex.  This is a sign of a history of mini strokes in my brain.  I can't help but assume that these were caused during my surgery, anyone have any ideas?


Be well everyone!


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Since I spent around 8 hours on a heart/lung machine, I'm convinced I've forgotten things, but I can't remember what.

Here is link that you may find interesting.  It is commonly known as "pump head" or "postperfusion syndrome" if you want to research on the web.  There is some research that contradicts these findings.  I suggest discussing with your physicians.



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