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Hi Graeme,

I hope you are doing well and I am so sorry to hear about your cancer. But if anybody can beat it, is you.

You have given thousands of people hope and support. You were my rescuer when I felt completely lost after my surgery. I did not understand what had just happened, and then I found your website. I think I was the fourth person to join. You gave me the knowledge to understand my disease and normalize it. 

I will never forget you and Julie. You gave me the courage to keep trying when I was so afraid. When I did not think I was going to be able to make my daughter's wedding gown, you told me: "You are going to make the dress and be here to met your grandchildren." Look at us, Grandparents!

Congratulations on Edward. I am sure he is a beautiful little boy. Good Bless you Graeme and please keep me informed about you health. 

Forever grateful!


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Good ol' Maria! Welcome quasi-back to you too!


Congratulations! I have tears..happy ones. Love love love the happy stories!





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