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I wanted to know otter people's experience of atrial fibrillation. Or its treatment. I've been left with A.F  following my aortic dissesction in February. RJR promise was that ablation would be done as soon as practical. Now i'm being told that my new consultant does not want to do this -for reasons've yet to hear. I'm unhappy since i thought i stood a chance of getting my life back following this infeevention! I wondered what other people's experience has been.



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I have no experience with it. Hopefully someone else on here can help.  I have heard it mentioned before by others, hopefully someone with experience can answer better than I can.  Sorry for the grammatical errors, just started on first cup of coffee.




I developed atrial fibrillation a few weeks after leaving hospital following my second major op (to repair a thoracic aortic aneurysm and replace my descending aorta to repair the residual descending AD left after the original repair of my type A AD). Apparently I had had atrial fibrillation in ICU following my op but I was still sedated so missed the excitement.

My A/F spontaneously stopped but given the likelihood of it returning I went ahead with radiofrequency ablation, which the cardiology team at Leeds General Infirmary did without any qualms. The procedure involved an overnight stay but was quite straightforward. It was performed by a cardiology consultant not a surgeon and seemed to be a fairly routine procedure. I suffered only slight discomfort but I know that one of the other patients treated on the same day had considerably more pain so I obviously hit lucky.

As my A/F had stopped spontaneously I didn't really get a good handle on the symptoms but the other patients told me that they had suffered from bad shortness of breath until the procedure. Looking back I also had that but attributed it to being in recovery from major surgery. The other issue in the UK is that you have to report it to the DVLA if you drive.



Hi Terry
I had an AF drama during my recovery in the HD unit following my arch repair, scared the life out of me as my heart rate went to over 200, felt like my whole body was going to shake apart. It took some large intravenous drug does and 12 hours to bring it back to normal. I was told it was the heart not liking the process it had just been through. After 5 years I have no recurrence.




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