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9 year anniversary two weeks ago (I forgot!) since my Type A Aortic Dissection back on St Georges Day April 2003. Last checkup November looking good .. roll on to my 10th!  





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Congratulations Graham & here's to the next 9 yeara!!



Congrats G

I had my 1st year anniversary last month (20/4) - I received a cake. 

I will now expect a cake every year!

Bonus birthday in my book.

That's wonderful, Graeme. Congratulations!

You are an inspiration to me. 

Hi Graeme, congratulations on your anniversary.  Well done.   Its my 2 year anniversary in 4 days.  I feel so lucky to still be enjoying my life. Salud  Julia

Congratulations on 9 years!!!  You are an inspiration.  Wishing you many more.

Sorry for the late Congrats Graeme, but they are very heartfelt. My 7th anniversary is Dec 15th, and I happily will remember and be keeping track for the rest of my life, since it also my daughters 7th

Thankks Kimberlee and so wonderful to see you back! x;-)





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