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Hi all..


Just wanted to share - especially as a few members are awaiting surgery or have just had their brush with mortality in the last year or so..My 7 year anniversary yesterday since my Aortic Dissection..(St Georges Day at St Georges Hospital, Tooting, London) and going strong..!! meds ok, BP ok, INR ok - 2.9 (my range is 2.8 - 3.4) lovely spring day yesterday to celebrate - went for 5 mile bike ride...puffing a bit uphill (well - a lot!) and the tick click was thumping away..then a couple of beers last night.. but it was gr8 to be alive.. here's to my 8th anniversary!


cheers all



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congratulations graeme!
i hope i manage to get as far as you... both physically and psychologically. the beauty of sharing the trauma, i guess :)
here's to at least another seven years!
btw, you look big for a seven year old...
have fun,
Hi Graeme,

7 years wow,It kind of creeps up on you doesn’t it. Sharing these mile stones with others is so important because it give hope, I remember being blown away in the first few month by hearing that an Aussie had a dissection at the age of 52 was 89 last year, a blog in his own words, I tried to find it for someone recently and couldn't, which make me belive more that things come to you when you need them, you just have to be open to it.

I think when all this first happened to me I worried a lot about what it meant in terms of longevity, after all we all want more, but as time passes I have learnt to live in the moment, good or bad it’s what you are given at that moment, it’s in doing this that I have found the milestones seem to creep up on me and very glad I am when they arrive.

I’m with you in that I no longer want to read the statistics, as survivors we have already beaten the odds so let’s just keep going. While the surgeons can give us a second chance, what we make of it is up to us, and the role models we look to are those that get up every day and fight. By fighting, I mean they do everything possible to give themselves the best chance, by eating well, exercising, managing their medication, and learn the lessons to balance the stress in their lives more effectively.

So thank you Graeme, for the site, sharing your story and showing the way.

Marion x

you are one wonderful gracious lady. thank you.

Hi Marion Willigton, true, so true. Here's to your 8 birthday: another good day.



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