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6 Proven Tips to Live an Ideal Healthy Life

More than 60% of the adult around the world are consider being overweight. Being overweight does not only temper your physical appearance but also cause heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and joint problems. So, it’s time to pay attention to you before it gets too late. Weight loss is never going to done over a night, it demands self-motivation and commitment. Once you dedicate yourself to achieve that milestone, then you have to carry it constantly. The good news is, it can be and it will happen if you follow these 6 classic painless tips to lose weight and make yourself look good in no time.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should not skip your breakfast for the sake of weight loss. Skipping the breakfast will cause your body to feel starving all the day and you will tend to eat more. This habit will also disturb your metabolism. Breakfast is also essential to fulfilling the required amount of nutrients to your body. So, you must have to eat a healthy breakfast. But it is highly recommended that your breakfast must be according to the required quantity of nutrients, overeating will result in weight gaining.


Exercising should be included in your daily routine. Physical activity not only burns your fats but also strengthen your body to be more responsive. There should be a proper timetable for the physical activity and you should not vary it. The best way to start this activity is to set a small goal first and then constantly increase them. You can’t jog for 1 km on very first day. You should plan it and achieve it through step by step approach. Initially, you should also to follow the safety measure for physical training to avoid unwanted injuries. For this purpose, you have own proper sportswear and footwear to keep yourself easier as much as possible. The hand towels will also allow you to clean the sweat easily.

Drink Water

Drink Water before you eat. Always try to avoid drinking right after your meal. Drinking water just after the meal will disturb the digestive juices by diluting them. Hence your meal will take more time to digest and your metabolism will also be disturbed. Rather than this, you should drink the appropriate amount of water throughout the day as this habit will strengthen your metabolism. Having the appropriate amount of water is essential as exceeding the amount of water may harm your kidney.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are the best replacements of low calories processed food. You should replace such kind of readymade food with fresh fruits and vegetables. This replacement will enable you to consume more fibre and nutrient as compared to processed food. Green leaves vegetable are the best source of iron you should also include them in your diet. It’s also a good habit to having the basic salad ingredients in your fridge, the salad should be adopted as snacks if you want to lose the weight.


Sleeping is essential to maintain a well-balanced healthy. In order to lose weight, it is essential to have a proper and punctual sleeping routine. Many studies declared that disturbance in the routine of your sleep; it is one the major cause to exceed your weight. As many of the people that remain awake till late night often use to eat in those timings and consumes a bulk of fats due to this habit.


Dinner should not be heavy. It is often observed that people that take heavy dinner are more likely to be overweight. Not many of people do enough activities after taking dinner and hence the fats consume by the meal remain unburnt. That’s why you must have to reduce your dinner but should never skip it.

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