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I am new to taking blood thinners, but my last blood work up showed I was low in all 3 of the hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood count, so my MD is suggesting taking an iron supplement.  I thought at first maybe it was due to the 9 plus liters of blood transfused, but as I've researched more on the internet - it states that Warfarin can interfer with iron absorption.

Have any of you run across this issue?  or do you have any suggestions?  I'm not thrilled at the thought of adding another supplement (granted not a drug), but even the items food wise that are higher in iron like green leafy veggies - have the vitamin K that interfers with Warfarin yet again.

And if the Warfarin interfers anyway - how much iron would I have to take to actually make a difference?

Thanks for any feedback,


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Hi Cher,


I had the same issue pre surgery.


I am not on warfarin, so can't comment on interference. However i had to increased the level of my salt intake ( as i was advised to reduce this & then found out i was below recommended dailey intake). I also took iron liquid you can buy over the counter or you can take the tablets.


I also ate more liver, oily fish etc - search the web for iron rich foods.


Main side effect is your waste, darker & more smelly, but the up side was my iron level came back up within a few weeks.


Take care


hey cher,

yes and no. if i am not careful, i have hemolytic anaemia brought about by the heart valve mashing up my red and white blood cells on their way through. so my body is permanently producing new ones, which takes its toll on my iron levels - so, long story short, i take a mineral supplement. when i initially came out of hospital however i was perilously low on iron, so had a prescription supplement for about 4 months. i guess it had nothing to do with the warfarin, but most likely something to do with the trauma of the operation.

fingers crossed yours is a temporary blip...

take care,


So I had my blood drawn today and showed them my hemoglobin numbers --- they don't want me to do any iron supplements until they do some further testing now.  The hematologist said that just because the red count is low doesn't means my iron is low, so he wants to do more blood work.

It can be confusing at times that here my MD automatically writes to take an iron supplement based on the blood work numbers, but yet the Hematologist says not to until more blood work is done and my numbers don't mean I'm low in iron ------ so who do you listen too --- the MD or the Hematologist (supposedly the blood specialist)?  And if this is the case, then if all MD's put their patients on iron supplements based upon hemoglobin levels --- are they right or could there be a different issue?

You don't want to be too high in iron also ---- ugh.

Oh well, I'm going to wait a week til my next draw and further blood work before I jump into an iron supplement ----I'll just add a bit more red meat into my diet in the mean time.

I did ask about the Warfarin/iron absorption issue - and they said they didn't think it had a play in my low numbers.  They felt it would be more likely due to the surgery and my body just needing time to heal and bounce back.

I know you guys can understand how amazing it is that we survive what we have.  It's also overwhelming all the little factors/issues we get post AD/surgery.  My legs still will give out now and again - it feels like that sciatic nerve kicks in and makes my legs (especially) my right leg - go numb until I sit for a few seconds and try again.  And Harry with your voice --- I am so hoping it is temporary for you.  I know it is frustrating though - it's tough enough just healing from the incisions so go figure you have an issue that wasn't actually operated on!

Take care all of you --- and thanks for being there to help me through round 2!!!!






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