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Not being macabre here..but this question REPEATEDLY tops the 3 most asked question on Google regading Aortic Dissections. 

My research from published medical papers seems to indicate that their is a 60% survival rate after 10 years for Type 'A' Aortic Dissection but I cannot find any further survival statistics past this... So - the million dollar question.... :0

Anyone know of anyone who has gone past this... and how long..??  I am sure that this would be a very positive set of numbers for all of us to know.... Their are a number of answers online for this question but most are pretty obtuse and no-one to my knowledge has ever put down a definitive answer.. not that I/we can either but it would be good to get some numbers to look at..

I make my 10 year anniversay next April 2013 so hopefully I can look forward to the next 10 years ;-)

Anyone like to put their AD anniversary  date to this post.. if we have enough data we can then do up hopefully a quite reassuring graph for our members and others.. :)




Graeme Archer  


 *** Update August 25 2015***
12 Year Anniversary April 23rd 2105.. here's to my lucky 13th Anniversary coming up in 2016 :-) 


 ***Update Nov 6 2018***
15 years post Aortic Dissection now and looking at 16 years next April 2019. My wonderful team at St Guys in London however keeping an eye on the dacron aorta join to the original Aortic Root on the heart. Normal wear and tear for last 16 years. Go team! Live life. Love life!

Cheers all
Graeme Archer



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Greg..yeah...took a while to get over prostate cancer treatment and then being a battlefield tour company operator in our day job has been a manic couple of years for WW1 centenary stuff. .I'll get onto it..eventually! Cheers mate.. Glad you all well and chipper! 

Kind regards

Graeme Archer

Pleased to see you are well and going strong Graeme. Congratulations on your latest anniversary. Just done 7 years and all well.

Take care


23 April 2013- 23 April 2018.

15 years up and counting for 15 more in 2 weeks. Who would have thought! Great job St George at Tooting.. my HEARTfelt thanks.. always! :-)

Graeme Archer


Aortic Dissection 


Hi, I'm a newbie here so many thanks for allowing me to join.

In December 2003 I had an ascending AD which was repaired at Papworth, Christmas in hospital.....lovely!

On the 1st April just gone I was diagnosed with Type b "dissection" from left subclavian to right femoral arteries.

Depressed is an understatement especially when a doctor in ICU said it would be a good idea if I signed a form to say that if anything happened, do not resuscitate!!  Really cheered me up that did.

Anyway, here I am and that's the state of play at present. Hope I am here for a long time to join in the chats.

Hi Mark

Welcome aboard! Sorry I never seem to have time to spend on the site much now..too busy with our business! But glad to be alive to be too busy. :-) Don't worry - they did the same thing to me.. actually brought a priest to my wife in waiting room and asked her to sign consent on organ harvesting... HMMMM!! Also - last year - with much more advanced 3D tomography screening at St Guys... /// they found that at the time of my ascending Type A dissection I also sufferred a full type B dissection all the way down my back to my femoral arteries (!!!) so much so that my left kidney is fed off the false lumen in the dissection! Wow.! Got docs and experts waiting in line now to take a gander.. bit of a medical marvel! So don't worry... get on with your life.. Live it every day! It's not a dress rehearsal for the next one! Oh. And don't forget to pay your subscription for the site or the site cuts you off after two weeeks if not paid :-) 


Graeme Archer 


Thanks Graeme,

Sounds like sound advice.

Subs paid.



Cheers Mark. Thanks


Hey Mark - 

Good to meet you.

I had a similar experience ( as have most of us on here I guess ).  The Type A was the main culprit but there was also a very significant Type B.  It was insidious enough that it resulted in the replacement of the femoral artery with a plastic tube and serious organ damage ( kidneys primarily).   Every medical professional that I encountered was very serious about my lousy prognosis, lots of warnings and legal advice ( and compassion ).  But now it is six years later I am still chugging along - Type B, kidneys, heart valve, grafts and all.   I can't complain a bit ( but sometimes I still do...)

So hang in Mate - When I get over to the UK I'll buy you a pint or two!!

Best Regards,


Hi Jeff,

Only if I can return the favour.



Take heart, Mark, you're not alone here, and you will be here for a long time more, I'm sure of it. Back in 2009, at the time of my dissection (A & B with femoral to femoral bypass, followed by stroke), the doctors told me I had a 50% chance of surviving the week, then a 50% chance of surviving the month, then 50% chance of surviving 6 months, and on and on. It's almost 9 years now, and while I'm facing valve replacement surgery, and some leakage in the carotid artery, I'm still here and optimistic. It's never going to stop being an uphill battle but you're up to the task. Most people won't understand your depression, but we do. At the time, the hardest thing for me was that the people around me didn't get it. Hearing, "you shouldn't be depressed" used to make me feel worse because it seemed to minimize how fundamentally changed I was after facing something so momentous. You might be feeling helpless, maybe just a little mad at the hand fate has dealt you, maybe guilty about dwelling on your situation a little. All of those feelings are okay, and quite normal. Come back here and share your feelings, no matter what they are. You'll always find someone who is willing to listen. 


Superbly put. Lot of death around me lately - all of it totally unexpected. Many of the departed not even started to live life as they wanted to. So enough of moping around in the corner... am right in there doing quite great and silly things... and loving life.. go for it! 


Graeme Archer

15 years post Aortic Dissection now and looking at 16 years next April 2019. My wonderful team at St Guys in London however keeping an eye on the dacron aorta join to the original Aortic Root on the heart. Normal wear and tear for last 16 years. Go team! Live life. Love life!

Cheers all
Graeme Archer

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