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Not being macabre here..but this question REPEATEDLY tops the 3 most asked question on Google regading Aortic Dissections. 

My research from published medical papers seems to indicate that their is a 60% survival rate after 10 years for Type 'A' Aortic Dissection but I cannot find any further survival statistics past this... So - the million dollar question.... :0

Anyone know of anyone who has gone past this... and how long..??  I am sure that this would be a very positive set of numbers for all of us to know.... Their are a number of answers online for this question but most are pretty obtuse and no-one to my knowledge has ever put down a definitive answer.. not that I/we can either but it would be good to get some numbers to look at..

I make my 10 year anniversay next April 2013 so hopefully I can look forward to the next 10 years ;-)

Anyone like to put their AD anniversary  date to this post.. if we have enough data we can then do up hopefully a quite reassuring graph for our members and others.. :)




Graeme Archer  


 *** Update August 25 2015***
12 Year Anniversary April 23rd 2105.. here's to my lucky 13th Anniversary coming up in 2016 :-) 




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15 years after type B dissection in April 1999 Age 32. 2 operations - 1 in 2000 and 1 in 2012. Loeys-Dietz syndrome diagnosis.

Woo hoo 15yrs!!!!!   Congratulations! 



Awesome, 15 years.   I celebrate 7 this month Oct 31, 2015  

Congratulations!!!!!  What a way to celebrate Halloween!



 LOL I always tell everyone that I woke up as Frankenstein's daughter.   hugs back to you. 

Congratulations, Sue. I celebrated 5 years, back in June.

Way to GO  Gregory! Its like that commercial, I think I can, I think I can, WELL, our motto for here should be I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN.... Have a Blessed Day 

For the statistics:
I got my St. Jude medical on 23. August 1992 aged 20 and I am still alive, despite paragliding, motorcycling and cycling to work (16km) nearly every day. My valve get`s checked once every year and it is working flawlessly. Despite some hassle with coagulation, I live my life totally normal without restrictions.

My data:

Born 1946

Acute Ascending + 3 small horizontal splits further down on July 9th, 2013

I'm fine.

Dek Messecar


I had my 10th anniversary in June 2016, just celebrated my 50th birthday in Dec 2016. Just had annual MOT and all seems OK (awaiting MRI results) but looking forward to the next 10 - hopefully!!

All the best.


My anniversary date is October 12, 2012.  Type A 

I was 40 years old at the time, and hoping that I've got another 40 left in me.  I will say that the time I have here has become extremely important, and that I've begun to look at my life in reverse.  I'm not afraid of death, however the greatest challenge is to live each day to the fullest.

Imagine being 80 years old, and looking back on your life, what is the greatest regret you have for not having tried to do what is in your heart.  What is it?  Begin today!



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