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Hi All
Following my type A AD in May I was told that 'it was just one of those things that happen' histology showed 'no hereditary signs'.
Sadly today my brother (aged 44) has results from an echocardiogram showing that he will need a AD repair within 3 years. He is devastated, I had no choice as was bleeding so was life saving.

I wonder if any one has any experience of family members having same condition.


It seems mad to me to wait up to 3 years?! He says he feels like a ticking time bomb as he saw what I went through. Is that normal to wait so long- I would appreciate any ones experience.

Thank you
Judy xxx

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I'm so sorry for the news of your brother. Did they do genetic testing? If they haven't, I would push for it now that another family member is involved. Usually(not always) when it effects more than one family member it is caused by a genetic disorder.

Now the reason for the wait is very simple, the wait until the risk of the dissection is greater than the risk of surgery. This true for many things. My ascending dissection was repaired right away, then I developed an aneurysm in my aortic root a couple months later. Waiting 8 1/2 long time bomb years waiting to get that repaired.

I hope this helps a little,
*hugs* Kimberlee

Thank you Kimberley I will ask about the genetic testing as not done so far.
That makes sense as obviously major surgery high risk, I hadn't really thought of it from that angle. My brother is coming to visit Friday for a good chat so I will show him the site.

Kind Regards
Judy x

Good luck Judy




AD has a long history of family genetic predisposition. Kimberly is correct re the risk waiting versus  surgery. But always remember AD is not a death sentence! Nowadays the surgery techniques and diagnosis have improved out of sight since my waltz with the AD dark side in April 2003! And I'm still going strong! Tell your bro to think positive - it will be ok!





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